What does wellness and being healthy mean to you?

Maybe for you, it’s not having disease, or being ill but “pushing” through it, “fighting” it, or not letting it get you “down”. For me, as a doctor and a health coach, it could be when the body and the mind and the spirit are “aligned”. Or maybe, true wellness is just about being “happy”, “uplifted”, or even “successful”.

I don’t know what words you would use, but I’m pretty sure that you probably won’t describe health in exactly the same way as I do, or anyone else for that matter. That’s because each of us is different, unique. What works for you, won’t work for anyone else.

Now, this may sound somewhat counter-intuitive, but it pleases me enormously that I can’t make you healthy or tell you what it is to be well. Yes, that’s right. This excites me! Why? Maybe it’s because it means that you are your own best expert. That you can define happiness for yourself, that you can decide how healthy you want to be, what that means for you, and how that would look to you when you have it.

So for me as a health and wellness coach who loves his job with a passion , not only do you do all the hard work, you give me a ringside seat to the magic unfolding!
Ok, I know you’re thinking it’s not all that simple, and you could be right. There are indeed some techniques and interventions we could share that work very well. But think about it, explore my website, look inside to your feelings and give it a try. It’s all up to you.

What does being well and being healthy mean to you?

I value your opinions, questions and comments – please share in a post below or drop me an email.

Hennie Geldenhuys

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