The Big 6 Questions of Awareness

Remember the Game of Two Rings we played last time?
It introduced us to two the two different modes of Awareness.

We’re busy with a series of articles on some fascinating musings on awareness.
This is the second in many to come.

You’ve wondered, haven’t you, what goes into being aware?
We often tell us ourselves to have Awareness, that we need to be aware of ourselves and our stuff to make good choices, and that quality Attention leads to an awake consciousness.
But what does that really mean?

In my mind, there’s an important difference between Attention, Awareness and Consciousness.
I, and more importantly , experts, who have much more insight into these things than I ever will, believe that these 3 are related but different, and also, although we are naturally hard-wired for them, we can train ourselves to do them even better .

You’re aware and conscious right now, aren’t you? And you must be paying attention (of course you are, how else would you be reading this, right?).
So, you’re your own expert.
Let me ask you these fundamental 6 questions then. And through the next series of blogs we’ll expand our experience on each of these questions:

1. What is the difference, if any, between Awareness, Attention, and Consciousness?
(hint: one plays within the other and two lead to the other)

2. How important is the difference between the way we are aware (the process) and what we are aware of (the content)?
(hint: get this one right and you’re already your own master coach)

3. Are we slaves to the inner content of our awareness (such as thoughts, emotions, memories, conditioning, prejudices and such) or the outer content (the environment, our perception of our circumstances, other people etc.)
(hint: would I be really writing this if we were?)

4. Are there different ways of being aware? (hint: yes, and it’s in the Game of Two Rings)

5. Do different types of content of awareness have different natures and are there better ways to be aware for different scenarios?
(hint: when we change our relationship to things our whole consciousness changes)

6. How can we teach each other and ourselves to harness our natural abilities at being aware, and through some pointers and practice, develop the trait of an enhanced awareness and consciousness? (hint: you’ve just discovered OPEN AWARENESS).

Why is this important?
To be the best person you can be, to be a being that has meaning, to matter to others and to life itself, don’t you think that we owe it to ourselves to be as Present as possible?

There’s lots of exciting stuff to look forward to.
In subsequent blogs we will take on one of these questions at a time. As always, we don’t just talk here, so there will be some suggestions for practice too.
And as usual, your input is valuable. Leave comments on the blog, email me, or leave comments on the Facebook groups.

Now, to question one. We’ll, not quite yet. But almost. Until we do, next time, here’s a simple warm up exercise to experiment with until we chat again.

Make a spreadsheet list. Take a few minutes and start filling it out. In column one, make a header “Things I know exist around me right now”. Column 2, “How did I come to notice this thing exists?”. Column 3, “How is it different when I move this thing into my focus?”. Column 4, “Is this a thing thing, or a concept that came to me like a thought or a mental picture?”
Now, allow yourself to be open to the space around you, as well as your inner workings, breath easily, and for the next 5 minutes, populate your list one thing after another.
Then, remember some action you took or decision you made recently. Recall the time immediately before that, and what was going though your mind, and complete your spreadsheet again.
Lastly, take a step out of yourself, and look at that list.
Consider this: how do you know what you know?

Until next time, soon.

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