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There are many options for retreats, workshops and training courses.

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more about Open Awareness

  • Basic Open Awareness Workshop (2-day weekend course) for those wishing to explore Open Awareness for their own enrichment and personal development
    NEXT OPEN AWARENESS WORKSHOP: 04-05 AUG 2018, in Milnerton, South Africa (see below) 
  • Advanced Facilitator Workshops
    (basic workshop + two additional 2-day weekend courses approximately one month apart)
    for those wishing to explore more, or wishing to apply Open Awareness professionally as part of their practice or job, or to help facilitate OPEN AWARENESS with others.
    After successful completion of the course participants can opt for registration as an OPEN AWARENESS facilitator, with ongoing support and referrals.

The courses include face-to-face facilitation by an experienced facilitator, guided processes, practical exercises, deep experiences, as well as resource material such as videos , readings, and audio.
For the advanced course, additional reading material and assignments are required with personalized feedback.

Next OPEN AWARENESS live training:

South Africa, Cape Town
 04 + 05 August 2018
Venue: Private residence training venue (Milnerton, South Africa)
10am – 6pm (includes decadent lunches & refreshments)
Fee: R 5 900 (with comprehensive training materials)
Presented by Dr Hennie Geldenhuys

UK, London (Finchley)
 20-21 October 2018
Venue: Private residence in Finchley
10am – 6pm (includes decadent lunches & refreshments)
Fee: £ 500 (with comprehensive training materials)
Presented by Jevon Dangeli

Questions? Want to book your place?  Please contact Hennie


A unique 4 day experience that includes an holistic approach of Rest, Regeneration, Resilience and Resourcefulness. Facilitated at  a luxury country venue, participants enjoy guided processes, learn techniques, practice mindfulness and meditation, and make use of the venue facilities and other therapists (such as massage, aromatherapy, Reiki and others). Leave refreshed and with  new purpose.


The Stress, Burnout and Productivity Workshop is excellent for organisations and groups. The focus is on applied techniques to reduce stress and burnout, increase productivity and creativity, and to improve interpersonal rapport among individuals. The full workshop runs over 2 days, but can be customised to fold into other team building activities, meetings or events. The activities are fun, effective and based on practical and applied principles of Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Authentic Self-Empowerment (ASE) and the latest neuroscience mind research. Read more here.

Dr. Hennie Geldenhuys is an effective public speaker and can customise talks and workshops for any public or private event or function.


Authentic Self-Empowerment approaches and techniques equip prospective or existing coaches and therapists with new skills, build on existing skills, and introduce the fascinating transpersonal coaching model.
These courses serve as certification courses, or participants may choose to do them just for personal exploration and development. Developed in association with the master coach, NLP facilitator, hypnotherapist and transpersonal coach, Jevon Dängeli. The ASE live training also forms part of the certification course in Transpersonal Coaching. More info on the course here.

NEXT ASE facilitator and Transpersonal Coaching Course:

Live Training (Dr. Hennie Geldenhuys): South Africa
4-9 August 2018
Venue: Private Residence training venue, Milnerton, South Africa
Training times: 10am – 6pm daily

Live Training (Jevon Dängeli): UK, London
Dates: 20-25 October 2018
Venue: Private residence in Finchley, Windsor Close
Training times: 10am – 6pm daily

Course fees – includes all learning materials, lunches & refreshments:

  • First attendance (module 1) 6 days, 3 post-course masterclasses + ASE Facilitator certificate
    Early booking: R 19 900 (SA)  /  £ 1 700 (UK)
    Standard: R 20 900 (SA)  /  £ 1 800 (UK)
  • Second attendance (module 2) same 6-day course with more supervised practice & integration + Advanced ASE Facilitator certificate
    Early booking: R 9 450 (SA)  /  £ 800 (UK)
    Standard: R 10 450 (SA)  /  £ 900 (UK)

Coming up exciting new workshops are in development e.g. workshop for healthcare practitioners (preventing burnout and applying coaching principles with patients) and more. Watch this space.

Questions? Want to book your place?  Please contact Hennie