Open Awareness

applied mindfulness, expanded vision, connected spirit

Open Awareness can be thought of as a flowing moment of pure experience that is interconnected with the rest of reality.

Yes, you can learn to use it, apply it, and even teach it. Download a quick summary here.

OPEN AWARENESS is a unique state of mind and being that includes integration of:

  • A calm and receptive state applied to everyday life
  • Inner awareness (thoughts, emotions, memories, experiences, mental objects)
  • Outer awareness (senses, perceptions)
  • Somatic awareness (the physical body)
  • Interconnection (other people, the environment, Everything Else)

OPEN AWARENESS is useful for:

  • Increasing productivity and concentration
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving interpersonal and communication skills
  • Exploration of the Self, Self-Growth & Connection to the spiritual and the transpersonal
  • Holding the Space when working with clients and colleagues

The practice of OA can be either or both secular (mind expanding – increasing productivity, improving quality of concentration, interpersonal skills) or non-secular (spiritual, transpersonal), depending on the context in which it is applied.

The profound but simple techniques and processes of OPEN AWARENESS can be easily taught though experiential learning, guided processes, ongoing resources and material, continuing practice, and a supportive coach

Open Awareness can be life changing!

OPEN AWARENESS is ideal for:

  • Anyone who experiences stress, anxiety, negative emotions, or unwanted behaviours
  • Those who work with other people professionally or informally
    (therapists and counselors, parents, colleagues, friends)  
  • When we need to find balance in busy and demanding jobs and lives
  • Want to experience mindfulness applied to real life 
  • Wish to explore spirituality, inter-connectedness or deepen the experience of life

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Some FREE resources:

FREE guided Open Awareness audio recording by Dr Hennie Geldenhuys (this unedited live recording is just one sample of an OPEN AWARNESS guided session – just an appetizer!)


Useful resources from Jevon Dangeli (Certified Transpersonal ASE Coach and Holistic NLP Trainer) from the Open Awareness and Authentic Self-Empowerment website

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