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The Dog and Rapport

Only last week, sometime in the evening, I got mildly upset about some inconsequential thing. I thought I was hiding it to everyone and it would pass unnoticed. My black dog, even though she has a chronic hip condition, immediately came to me, tail wagging furiously, with a conciliatory look all over her swinging body,… Read more »


Mindfulness “The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”                                                                                              … Read more »

Integrating Pain

What, really, is pain? Of course, we have all sorts of labels for pain, don’t we? For example, we may differentiate between “physical” pain and “emotional” pain, or “acute” pain and “chronic” pain. We may classify pain and grade pain and use all sorts of words for it. There are so many different definitions of… Read more »

What does wellness and being healthy mean to you?

Maybe for you, it’s not having disease, or being ill but “pushing” through it, “fighting” it, or not letting it get you “down”. For me, as a doctor and a health coach, it could be when the body and the mind and the spirit are “aligned”. Or maybe, true wellness is just about being “happy”,… Read more »