As all human beings, I am many things, but I am always much more than I think I am.

Professionally, my qualifications and certifications include:

I practised as a general practitioner and family physician in solo practice for many years. Here I honed my clinical skills and my growing passion for holistic healing.

But gradually I became more and more frustrated by the fragmented nature of modern western medicine and how little time and opportunity there was to practice the type of broader healing I wanted to facilitate. I experienced the pain of burn-out first hand.

I left my practice and joined a clinical research unit at a university. I learned much about evidence-based medicine, and that treatments and therapies and coaching should be backed up by good research and sound principles.

All this time I was undergoing a gradual but profound inner metamorphosis. I was rediscovering my inner resources, the richness of my inner world, my purpose and my vision.

I could no longer ignore the calling to start a healing practice with a difference: a practice that combined medical expertise with the principles of inner emotional and spiritual healing.

I immersed myself in a variety of disciplines, questioning and examining them, trying to understand their essence, and how to combine and apply them. In the process, I have had some beautiful experiences and I have learnt so much. What a journey!

I have rediscovered my calling to be a healer – inner and outer healing. Through my unique set of experiences, training and studies, I can move easily between disciplines as diverse as science, medicine, religion, psychology and spirituality – all the time making it usable and practical and based on real results that matter to the client.

I have a beautiful wife, two lovely daughters, three dogs and three cats and live in the picturesque town of Worcester near Cape Town.

Each of us is on our own journey. My special journey has blessed me with a gift to combine knowledge and research and techniques with intuition. In this healing space my clients can become whole, fulfil their purpose, find meaning, and explore their own vast inner resources.

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