Dr. Hennie Geldenhuys – Integrated Health Practitioner, Family Physician, Wellness Coach, Transpersonal Coach. My passion and my calling is to facilitate healing and growth.

True wellness comes from alignment of the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul. True healing starts inside and is visible on the outside. I combine my training as a medical doctor with a range of therapeutic and coaching techniques to help clients heal themselves from the inside out.

In life, we encounter challenges like disease, ill health, trauma, abuse, bad experiences, loss, conflict, and stress. They may leave us anxious, worried, depressed, damaged, self-doubting or self-defeated. But you know what? We already have the solutions inside. We already are perfect beings. We can’t control things in the outside world, but we can control how we react to them. Now and then we just need to be reminded of how to use the resources we already have – and that’s my job.

What my practice is and what it is not

What my practice is:

  • Client-centred, warm, gentle, organic and supportive
  • Focussed on real results that are authentic and meaningful to the client
  • Multi-disciplinary drawing on practices from medicine, psychology, life coaching and therapy
  • Focussed on our inner world and how it manifests in the outer world
  • All about the inner work of the way we react to life, health and illness, and working on our subconscious mental and emotional patterns
  • Holistic, involving the complete life experience of the client, including the body, mind, emotions as well as the spiritual experience outside of our own selves

What my practice is not:

  • I am not a faith healer or a miracle worker
  • I am not an alternative health practitioner or a homeopath
  • This is not a conventional medical practice that only treats medical conditions

Ek is heeltemal tweetalig (Afrikaans en Engels)

I work with individuals and also facilitate group sessions, support groups and wellness sessions. Everyone is welcome, and everyone can find benefit.

A Combined Interdisciplinary Team Approach

Working in a team

My approach aligns and adds to all other disciplines, including medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, care workers, and all religions or belief systems. In fact, often different practitioners work together in a team with the client in the centre.

How does this add to other treatments?

Some things cannot be addressed by the medical system alone, or by psychological or spiritual approaches alone. This may be because those things not only have a physical part, but also mental, emotional and spiritual parts that need to be addressed together.

Sometimes physical manifestations of disease or illness have deep inner connections which need to be addressed together with medical treatment. And sometimes, we struggle to come to terms with illness, and we need to work on how we deal with the illness as a whole person.

Wellness and health can only manifest when we address the totality of our beings. Bringing together all these parts is where I can help.

About Dr. Geldenhuys

I practised as a general practitioner and family physician in solo practice for many years. Here I honed my clinical skills and my growing passion for holistic healing. Read More


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